Business Plan: 3D Digital Photography



The 3D photos of Mars, recently sent back by NASA’s Spirit rover, have created excitement.  3D photography has been dormant, relegated to Victorian stereopticons and FisherPrice View-Masters.  Despite years of research into 3D, Kodak still has no 3D products.  But it could be an exciting extension for digital photography.  We present a plan to distribute and manufacture technology to enable hobbyists to take, view, and share their own 3D photos.


We have developed a bifocal digital camera adapter, enabling an ordingary digital camera to capture fast movement in 3D.  The adapter splits the image, which is later recombined by software into a single anaglyph (red/cyan) image.  A simple kit includes adapter, software and anaglyph glasses.  To create barriers for our competition, the software is copyrighted and the bifocal lens will be patented. 


Our strengths lie not only in our technology, but also our size and management.   Our small size is a strength, enabling us to bring new technology to market faster.  Kodak moves too slowly.  Second, the company’s management has experience in high-tech visualization software, marketing, and product development.  Contrasting marketing plans will be tested in Chicago and New York.  Our accountant estimates an EBITDA margin of approximately 16%.