Import of Health Care Services



Many Americans are desperate for affordable health care.  Pharmaceutical prices have increased above inflation, encouraging Americans to import drugs through companies like  But why not trade services, as well?  The Canadian Life & Health Association is surprised that American companies havenít taken advantage of Canadian health services.  This business plan describes the first commercial importation of health services.


Part of the reason Canadian services have not been imported is due to the publicís misconceptions about foreign health care.  Canadian doctors, although quite competent, are perceived in the US as sub-standardódespite studies to the contrary.  Marketing can enlighten the publicís misconceptions.  Many have been willing to travel to Canada for elective cosmetic and LASIK surgeries.  Our geographical proximity makes travel to and from Wisconsin easy.


From an accounting perspective, our cost of goods sold will be unusually low (average aneurysm repair costs $23k here but only $16k in Canada).  Most importantly, accreditation by the National Commission on Quality Assurance (NCQA) will serve as a large barrier to entry.  Our legal liability is an untested weakness, but by limiting our responsibilities we can avoid claims.  Our legal partner, Managed Liability Associates (Washington DC), provides excellent legal support.