Microfluidics refers to the industry concerning microscopic amounts of fluids, and has applications in the microarray, lab-on-a-chip, medical, and analytical instrumentation markets.  Frost & Sullivan estimates that “the microarray market will reach $1.33 billion per year in 2004” and annual growth of 58%.  Biotech companies (such as Platypus Technologies of Madison) are working toward creating micro-laboratories on a chip.  We present a business plan that takes advantage of pre-existing, patentable Wisconsin technology to build a product line of accessories for this market.


We have developed technology to measure volumes down to hundreds of nanoliters.  Current products can measure milliliters, but laboratories-on-a-chip require micro- and nano-liter measurements. 


Our company’s strengths include rights to patentable technology, a strong technical staff, access to a good distribution channel, and access to Madison’s high-tech community.  Patents, client relationships, and new products help maintain a significant barrier to entry.  Our new products will lead to the development of subsequent products.  The present liquid metering device is a key component for future micro-flow splitting devices, in which a single liquid stream is broken into two or more streams.  Micro-flow splitting devices are crucial for high-throughput pharmaceutical research.