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Here are my personal photos.  Please don't copy them without asking.

Me, myself and I:

Michael in Hollywood in front 1.jpg (34278 bytes)Mike at Jekyll Island with Bonanza high res.jpg (175425 bytes)Michael3.jpg (11752 bytes)

My new house in Janesville:

Front & Street.JPG (173327 bytes)Front of house as seen across the screet smaller.JPG (66373 bytes)Open staircase 1.JPG (59443 bytes)Big pocket door.JPG (55268 bytes)Upstairs bathroom.JPG (52058 bytes)Upstairs hallway.JPG (65462 bytes)Kitchen 3.JPG (85973 bytes)


Bob & Michael in Sauk County fall 2.JPG (239575 bytes)Brittan at Halloween 1.JPG (103476 bytes)Bob & Michael in Sauk County fall 2 cropped.JPG (58403 bytes)


Car collection (in progress)