221 N. Blair Street
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Blair St Renovation

Blair St back of house.jpg (28192 bytes) Blair St side of house.jpg (35432 bytes)Exterior prior to remodeling 2003

Blair St front Apr 27 '03.jpg (261927 bytes)Front yard re-landscaping.jpg (350980 bytes)Front initial landscaping after asphalt was removed April 2003

Renovation winter 2003 (complete with before & during & after sequences!)

Downstairs unit

    Blair St downstairs LR with Markus' stuff.JPG (60220 bytes)Downstairs living room bay window


    Blair Street downstairs new bathroom.JPG (65366 bytes)Blair St downstairs new bathroom with cleaning products.JPG (69862 bytes)Downstairs bathroom

    Blair St downstairs kitchen new appliances & chandelier.JPG (72386 bytes)Blair St downstairs kitchen with new appliances.JPG (75002 bytes)Blair St downstairs kitchen, right side.JPG (83835 bytes)Blair St downstairs new kitchen overview.JPG (79405 bytes)Downstairs kitchen

    Blair St downstairs front bedroom.JPG (62412 bytes)Blair St downstairs front bedroom with new closet doors.JPG (69454 bytes)Downstairs front bedroom

Upstairs unit

    Upstairs LR b.jpg (219220 bytes)Upstairs LR floor.jpg (257559 bytes)Upstairs living room and new floor

    Upstairs bath b.jpg (210194 bytes)Upstairs bathroom

    Upstairs Kitchen a.jpg (240825 bytes)Upstairs kitchen