Blair St Renovation
Home 221 N. Blair Street 6325 & 7 Alison Lane





        Blair St 2nd Fl Bath Main Door.jpg (15904 bytes)Blair St 2nd Fl Bath.jpg (19617 bytes)>>Upstairs bath during demolition.jpg (85671 bytes)>>Upstairs_bath_b.jpg (210194 bytes)Upstairs bathroom

        Blair St 2nd fl front Bedroom.jpg (52243 bytes)Upstairs west bedroom

        Blair St 2nd Fl Kitchen Sink.jpg (16431 bytes)>>Upstairs kitchen after wall removal.jpg (47089 bytes)Upstairs kitchen after wall removal 2.jpg (75013 bytes)>>Upstairs_Kitchen_a.jpg (240825 bytes)Upstairs Kitchen

        Blair St 2nd flr LR.jpg (14513 bytes)>>Upstairs LR during demolition.jpg (78683 bytes)>>Upstairs_LR_b.jpg (219220 bytes)Living room

        Blair St 2nd fl 2nd bedroom.jpg (18000 bytes)North bedroom (largely unchanged)


        Blair St 1st flr Bathroom.jpg (21321 bytes)>>Downstairs bath during demoliton.jpg (87039 bytes)>>Blair Street downstairs new bathroom.JPG (65366 bytes)Downstairs bath (note tub is now where the toilet was; sink is on opposite wall)

        Blair St 1st Flr Kitchen.jpg (20993 bytes)>>Blair St downstairs kitchen with new appliances.JPG (75002 bytes)Downstairs kitchen (note kitchen sink used to be on interior wall, now replaced by appliances)

        Blair St 1st Flr middle Bedroom.jpg (71839 bytes)North bedroom