Mrs. S. A. Collins



A Sunbeam

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

A sunbeam lingered on the floor,

A child was standing near.

She said, "I wish 'twould stay with me,

But it will go again I fear."


The little sunbeam answered,

'Tis my duty soon to go,

For other little children.

Love me just as well, you know.


I stay with you all day you see,

And when it's time for you to sleep,

'Tis then I cross the ocean,

And through their window peep.


If I should stay here while you slept,

It would be no joy to me.

If to your bedside I should 'creep,

Your pleasant dreams would flee.


So you see the proper way,

Is to' enjoy me all you can,

While I linger here beside you,

For my work is one great plan.


I, like thou, have my own mission,

And to do it I must try;

I can not leave it for another.

None can do it, none but I.


But from me you learn a lesson.

Brighten home if nothing more;

Always strive to do your duty,

Like the sunbeam on the floor.