Mrs. S. A. Collins



Our Flag

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

In eighteen hundred and sixty-one,

When our honor was at stake,

The loyal hearts then beat as one

As to what course to take.

With Abraham as their leader,

A man both brave and true;

To save that flag they'd fight and die,

Our own red, white and blue.

The homes were filled with sorrow,

The South with stubborn men,

Who never meant to free the slaves

Nor help them to be men.

But the Northern men were loyal,

And with such a leader too,

They all alike felt honor-bound

To save those colors true.

Their leader, would to God today,

There were many more like him,

Decided then that right was might,

And right must surely win.

Methinks I see him standing there,

That leader, tall and grand,

A look of sadness in his eyes,

But with "freedom". in his hand.

How many lives were sacrificed,

How many tears were shed?

Brave Lincoln sleeps among the rest;

This was the price 'twas paid

For freedom in this nation,

For our glorious stripes and stars.

Thez let us always greet our flag

With loyal, loud huzzas.

Since first Fort Sumpter felt the shock

Which shook our nation too,

The theme has been to save that flag,

Our own red, white and blue.

And when the call came o'er the wires

For willing men to do and die,

It was answered then by thousands,

Quickly saying, " Here am 1."

What was it urged our boys in blue

To brave the battle's roar,

To steel their hearts at sickening sights

Of fields all red with gore?

What was it moved the men to meet

Fierce battle's stern degree?

To conquer death on Southern fields?

Our ensign of the free.

Many a flag today is cherished

For the memories it recalls,

Of the comrades in the battle,

Wounded then by shell or ball.

Although it is torn to shreds,

Nothing beautiful to view.

Still it is their dear old flag,

Their own red, white and blue.

I have stood and gazed in wonder,

At the monuments reared so grand,

Thereon engraved so plain the names

Of the heroes of our land.

But there were many noble heroes,

Who were never in command,

And yet they wore the uniform,

And helped to save our land.

Whose graves today, are all unknown,

Except to God on high,

Who decorates with flowers and sun,

The spot whereon they lie.

Methinks the sky is just as fair,

The soldier just as brave,

That's sleeping there while friends still yearn

To find his lonely grave.

How many, many noble sons,

Have fought and won their fame,

Who are waiting for the bugle call

To fill those ranks again:

And many gray-haired veterans,

Are leaving one by one,

Who dearly loved to hear the call,

"Now each man to his gun."

Could we look about and "see

Our soldier dead today,

Who fought and fell, 'neath shot and shell,

I wonder what we'd say?

We can read the records o'er and o'er

The figures are so plain;

So many died in prison bare,

So many more were slain.

And others suffered many years

After the war was done:

Torn out at last by constant pain,

Our soldier boys are gone.

If today on open field,

Each stood in armor bright

And each one in his coat of blue

To battle for the right.

Waiting for the signal gun,

Each faithful for his trust.

Methinks we all would bow our heads

In reverence, 'twould be just.

I think we would stand awhile spell bound.

Then looking toward the sky,

The very air would ring with shouts,

"See! there the colors fly."

I think we all would scan the ranks

For standing in the line.

With forehead fair, and' eyes so bright

Some friend we'd surely find.

For many of us here today

Mourn friends who died to save

Our deal' old flag. Oh, could it wave

O'er every soldier's grave.

Let me ask you 'mid the conflict,

When the soldiers fought and fell,

What led them on to brave the battle,

Fearing neither shot nor shell?

What led them on when dread defeat

Seemed waiting just ahead?

And reconciled them to their fate,

As they lie among the dead?

What was if? Let me ask again

That always cheered them on?

Our flag. The grandest one today,

You ever gazed upon.

Let us then as loyal women

Of this nation, tried' and true,

Teach the children that to honor,

Is our own red, white and blue.

Then let us scatter flowers in love,

Alike for blue and gray,

And drop a tear of thankfulness,

That freedom won the day.

For many lives were sacrificed,

And many tears were shed,

Brave Lincoln sleeps among the rest;

This was the price 'twas paid

For freedom to this nation,

For our glorious stripes and stars.

Then let us always greet our flag

With "loyal, loud huzzas."