Mrs. S. A. Collins




by Mrs. S. A. Collins

Written on the death of little Jennie Taylor, who died Feb. 2nd, 1897.


At a time when the roses were blooming,

Shedding their fragrance both far and near,

There came to this earth a sunbeam,

A home to brighten and cheer.

It came in the form of a cherub,

With eyes that were sparkling and bright,

And beautiful silken tresses,

Its presence a beacon light.

As it lingered' it appeared as by magic,

To grow brighter and brighter each day,

And with cords that seemed almost infinite,

Drew all in its angelic way.

But close by that sunbeam a shadow

Seemed following by day and by night,

Until the mother felt a foreboding,

Of sorrow for that sunbeam of light.

A perfect embodiment of sweetness,

A child of unusual charms,

Why should dread disease with its suffering,

Choose this babe in its fond mother's arms?

But death chooses our fairest and sweetest,

Minding not broken heart-strings nor sighs,

Taking them from our homes and embraces,

To a beautiful borne in' the skies.

Tho' those sweet little lips now are silent,

Those eyes that sparkled so blight

Are closed to a world full of anguish,

They are opened to infinite light.

She was sent to remind you of heaven!

Of a land of eternal bloom,

And when her mission on earth was ended.

Her body was laid in the tomb.

Dear parents, why mourn her as dead,

For her spirit is hovering near.

She is with you by night and by day,

Tho' unseen is her form so dear.

And I hear that sweet baby prattle,

As it sounded in innocent glee,

Saying, "Papa and mama I'm waiting,

For sometime our meeting will be."