Mrs. S. A. Collins



Memory's Token

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

Oh, could I stand on yonder mount,

      And, gazing toward the sky,

Look so far into the Beyond

      That I might solve that mystery;

And then could take wings to myself,

Also a tongue of fire,

I would visit those of every clime,

Tell the tidings far and near.

Mrs. S. A. Collins (1861-1951) was a resident of Wisconsin and amateur poet.  She was sometimes asked to write a poem for a special event, such as the two poems included here (numbers 9-10) for wedding anniversaries.  In 1898, she published this book of poetry.

Mrs. Collins is also my great-great grandmother.

The sunlight lingers on the hill,

      The birds sing cheerily,

The bee is buzzing near the flowers,

      The children chatting merrily,

The moon comes peeping slowly o'er

      The eastern hills in splendor bright,

All nature smiles as daylight fades

      And seems to say' 'Good-night,

      good-night. "