Mrs. S. A. Collins



Must we have war?

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

Must we have war? Oh can it be,

      Our glorious flag, our ensign free,

Again must bathe in human gore;

      Or our Nation's honor be no more'?

Why! must our loved and cherished boys,

      Whose hearts are free from care as toys,

Go to the front and face a foe,

      Whose chief delights to witness woe?

While starving thousands ask for bread,

While Cuban soldiers fight and bleed,

While the Spanish yoke must galling be.

      We hear the cry for liberty.

Perplexity on every hand,

      Doubt and mistrust on sea and land,

Our Nation yearns, as well she might,

      For a guiding hand to do the right.

Impatient, some who wait reply

      From Spanish courts and rulers high,

To requisitions sent toSpain

      E'er United States would intervene.

While others ridicule the plan

      To compromise with such a clan,

But wish to strike with might and main

And go to war at once with Spain.

All o'er our land, from East to West,

      The populace can scarcely rest.

For in suspense, 'twixt hope and fear,

      They wait the time. Must there be war?

Our nation's honor is at stake,

      And all the world is wide awake:

The dark cloud lowers, and yet it might

      Be brightened by the morning light.

The "dons" are men of iron nerve,

      From fiendish acts would, never swerve.

And fain would silent lips have told,

      Of anguish felt, as sights unfold.

The weak and starving can but wait

      Till death's release, their only fate;

While able ones for freedom fight,

      And hope for liberty and right.

A righteous cause and one that's just,

      To lower that flag, to trail in dust

A rag, that as an emblem floats,

      O'er homes in which a demon gloats.

Though sad we feel with thoughts of war,

      And sighs are heard from near and far

A righteous God, o'er all is King,

      And to the right will victory bring.