Mrs. S. A. Collins



Brighter Days

by Mrs. S. A. Collins 

Though the day be dark and dreary,

      Brighter days may come again.

At our work we oft are weary,

      But it's no better to complain.

First of all we must know our task.

      Then try our best to do it:

If by trying we succeed,

      We will never rue it.

Sometimes it seems so very hard

      To do what's put before us,

But if we work with a good will,

      Then better" thoughts come o'er us.

H you" find that times are dull

      And your business doesn't pay,

Don't sit down and get the blues,

      For there is a better way.

This life can't all be sunshine

      We must have our cloudy days,

But if we stop and look around us

      We may see the sun's bright rays,

Struggling hard to pierce the gloom

      Of life's trouble and despair;

And at last if we but think so.

      The dawning will be bright and fair.