Mrs. S. A. Collins



Expressions of Love

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

I am a little girl you see,

      But I know what I love best.

l' love to gather flowers,

      And the choicest with the rest;

As the pretty little violet,

      So early in the spring,

And then apple-blossoms,

      Which the sweetest perfumes bring.

Then comes the lovely wild-rose,

      Which blossoms on the lea,

And when I stoop to pluck it,

      I think 'twas made for me.

Then comes the little blue-bell,

      And next the golden-rod,

Till I think these little treasures

      Were sent to me from God.

I love the moon and beautiful stars,

      And the sun in the western sky,

And the river that runs so silently

      I couldn't tell if I try.

I love me home and my dollies,

      And I love my kitty too.

And what do you think dear grandma,

      I've lots' of love for you.

You don't care if I do love flowers

      The birdies and all the rest

If in loving all the others

      I do love you the best.

Grandma, were you ever

      A little girl like me,

And did you love the beautiful

Wherever it might be?

Did your mama ever tell you

      In the time so long ago,

That the little girls were angels

      Sent down to earth below:

That sometime each would grow to be

      A woman in her turn

And there would be so many things

      For each of you to learn?

Did she tell you, in the future,

      Wherever you might be,

You would always find something to


That's what my ma tells me.