Mrs. S. A. Collins



The Elm Tree

by Mrs. S. A. Collins


In grandma's front yard there is an old elm tree,

With limbs stretching outward, like this.

In the winter the wind whistles through it,

And it gives every snow cloud a kiss.

In the summer, when the birds come together,

And talk of their prospects of home,

The robins are sure to remember,

And quick to this elm tree they come.

There is one great limb made a purpose

For a swing, for the children you see;

And whenever I go down to grandma's,

That tree is my choice of a tree.

There are willows and maple and pine trees,

And lilacs and snowballs and such.

But I care for none of the others,

I value the elm-tree so much.

When the leaves get a little bit greener,

And vacation comes for brother and me

We will just take a trip down to grandma's

And swing in that old elm-tree.