Mrs. S. A. Collins




by Mrs. S. A. Collins

If I were a feathered songster,

      Free to warble everywhere,

To the homes of gloom and sadness

      I would fly, and when once there.

I would sing in songs of gladness

      Of the better days to come,

And in sweetest tender music,

      With my song--I'd lighten gloom.

If I could be a blooming flower

      And could bear the name I chose.

I would blossom in the wildwood,

      I would be a sweet wild-rose.

Far away from strife and clamor

      I would bloom for humankind,

Bringing with me joy and gladness

      for the over-burdened mind.

If I were a blade of grass,

      Springing early from the ground.

All might see me as they passed;

      In some churchyard I'd be found.

Not among the plants and flowers,

      That are tended with much care.

But on some lone forgotten grave:

      You would surely find me there.

If I were a ray of sunlight,

      Shining down on earth below,

Not in halls of wealth and splendor

      Would you find me peeping through

But I'd seek some humble cottage,

      Where few comforts are enjoyed;

Decorating walls and ceiling,

      There you'd find me thus employed.

If I were some winged seraph,

      Free to roam about at will,

I would visit homes of sorrow;

      Try those breaking hearts to heal.

But as I am only human,

      And my life but as a span,

This my motto, as a woman,

      "Always smile when e'er you can."