Mrs. S. A. Collins




by Mrs. S. A. Collins

If we each look about us we plainly can see,

      A demon who is working' at will.

Ever ready to rob us of kindred and home,

      And sneeringly laughs as his mission he fills.

Right here let mes tell it, his evidence given,

      Always plain and without any doubt,

Could convict most foul murderers and criminals at large,

      But this evidence seldom comes out.

This demon is drink, foul monster of death,

      Destruction to body and soul.

He waits like a serpent to sting at a breath,

For poison is found in the bowl.

Look abroad through our land today in its splendor,

      See the fields of ripening grain

And swift flowing rivers that gleam in the sunshine,

      And sweet healthful pleasures again and again.

Who gives us these blessings so bountiful here?

      Governs nature to meet every need;

I am sure we have plenty of good in our land,

      The mind and the body to feed.

But this demon steps into our once happy homes,

      Takes fathers and sons from their place.

Causes sorrow and dread in the hearts of the friends,

      Nor cares for the grief-stricken face.

Of the sorrowing mother who in her grief can but feel

      The disgrace that is weighing her down,

For husband and son are heirs to this demon,

      This death dealing monster, this king without crown.

List to the children, with language profane,

Who traverse our streets day and night,

Where are their parents: Oh! where lies the blame?

      In their homes is a sorrowful sight.

When father and mother partake of the bowl,

      As many are doing today,

Unthinking, perhaps, of the trouble and woe

      It may bring to their children some day.

What must we expect from an offspring like this,

      Will they bring to this world any good?

Surely some have sprung up from the darkest of pits,

      And helped to save others and done all they could.

But misery and want, destruction and death,

       Are promises given to men

Who indulge in this demon that lures them to death.

       Why is it they follow him then?


Then Christian! Today wake up to your duty,

      There is such a great work to be done.

Help find and to save the lost of today,

      The husbands and fathers and sons.

And stop, must I tell it! There are others who need

      To be lifted from out this dark pit.

The poor disgraced daughters, who fell all so blindly,

They too must be aided. Our lamps should be lit.

To lighten the way if of but one erring mortal,

      Our promise is a star in our crown;

Then let us work with a will, for there are many who need

To be saved from this monster that is bearing them down.