Mrs. S. A. Collins




by Mrs. S. A. Collins

Written and read at the celebration of

Wm. Tibbitt's fourty-third birthday.

As I look above at the glittering stars,

      Which so prettily bedeck the sky,

And also the wise and beautiful moon,

      As it floats so majestically by.

I think that the Maker in his great plan,

      Had a very good purpose in view,

And that these were made to elevate man;

      Such beautiful, natural things, don't you?

I often think as I walk through the woodland

      And notice the beautiful flowers,

That are strewn here and there by the hand of our Maker,

      He had some idea of the wishes of ours.

And as I gaze, wondering if each has a mission,

      Standing there as brave sentinels can.

I think still more strongly as I stand and contemplate,

      That these were placed here to elevate man.

I think as I look at the swift-flowing river,

      Speeding along in its course.

Wearing at times an unexpected calmness,

      Still performing its mission from its mouth to its source.

That in the creation, all things were considered,

      And the best were put foremost in God's wonderful plan,

That the stars and the flowers and the rivers were made

      For this one sole purpose--to elevate man.

To the time when brave Abraham with heart true as steel,

      Rose up against slavery's crime,

And spoke with a voice which the whole nation heard,

      And the echo came back from each distant clime.

The aim was then and I think ever will be,

      Wherever the beginning and with just what clan,

No matter to us if the motive be blessed

      With the all important idea--to elevate man.

When the thinkers and workers and people in general,

      From each foreign nation all over earth's ball,

Combined in their efforts to make the "White City"

      A success to this nation, as well as them all,

And as each one presented something to admire,

      And tried to teach others their thought or plan.

They all seemed enjoined by this very same motive,

And this was their creed-to elevate man.

Sociality too is a way of promotion.

      It aids us poor mortals to take a step higher,

And in so doing the world becomes purer

      And vice disappears like chaff in a fire,

And people who strive to build up their own lives

      And make them the best in the land,

Have certainly thought before ever striving,

      That the best thing to do was to elevate man.

As we meet today on this special occasion,

      To celebrate the forty-third birthday of our host,

We feel like expressing a word of thanksgiving,

      For an influence like his can never be lost.

While living and striving to make others happy,

      He is ever alert to do what he can

In the way of advancement for those clustered him,

      And in so doing helps to elevate man.

When his mission on earth has come to a close

      And he is given his timely reward,

I think he will hear at those wide-open portals,

      "It is well with YOU," from the lips of the Lord.

While battling with life, in its sunshine and storm,

      It matters not in what company or clan,

His earnest wish and most ardent desire

      Is to do his share to elevate man.