Mrs. S. A. Collins




by Mrs. S. A. Collins

As I sit by my baby's bedside,

      And gaze at her forehead fair,

Her dimpled cheeks and rosy lips,

As she lies sleeping there.

A thousand anxious thoughts arise,

      As to her future lot,

And wondering here I ask myself,

      "Will she be sad? Or not.

What is that which awaits her

As she grows on in years:

Will her life be full of sunshine,

Or will it be full of tears:

I see a tear-drop sparkle,

      In the lamp-light as I look.

It was just a childish difference

      About a tiny book,

"Which brought the tear that glistens,

      As she now lies fast asleep;

"In dreamland she'll forget it,"

      Such troubles are not deep.

Could we as older people,

      Forget in happy dreams,

Our sorrows and affections,

      What a merry life 'twould seem."

Will she grow up to womanhood,

      A blessing to her race'?

Be always ready and willing too

      To fill her appointed place?

Be constantly striving to uplift

      The erring, where're she may go?

And be a blessing to parents?

      Ah me! this no one may know.

Time the teller of all these tales,

      In the future will reveal to mankind.

The secrets which are so carefully hid

      From every inquiring mind.

Then I must be content and be ever ready

      To give counsel and warning to her,

And point out very plainly the best road to take.

      To gain happiness, wisdom and honor.

O! what an anxiety, as mothers we feel,

      For our little ones with us today;

There are so many devices and so many pitfalls

      They must encounter as they go on their way.

But let us endeavor to show them while young

The dangerous paths in this life

Where, when once trodden o'er there'll nothing be left,

But misery, sorrow and strife.

Let us show them the dark, dreary byways of sin,

      Be constant in teaching beside.

For faithfulness bringeth about many things,

      Which without it, would surely have died.

"And such a task! Methinks there are few

      Who can perform this great duty alone:

But a petition sent heavenward is sure to be heard

      By our Savior as He sits on His Throne. "