Mrs. S. A. Collins



Is this my Home?

by Mrs. S. A. Collins

Come, Tiger, come

With your long and glossy coat,

Let me shake that friendly paw,

And smoothe your soft brown throat,

Not here to greet me as of old,

When home from school I come?

Pray tell me where he is hiding,

For sure this is my home.

I'll hie me to the stable,

And in the farthest stall,

Iíll look for Kit and Fannie,

The safest team of all:

And as I open wide the door,

They will hear me when I come,

And greet me with a whinny,

And then I'll know 'tis home.

Not there! Perhaps they are out to work;

Maybe they have gone to town.

I'll linger 'neath this -large elm tree,

On the green grass sit me down,

And when I hear the rattle

Of the wagon o'er the hill,

I'll hurry up and catch a ride,

Papa'll stop, I know he will.

-I've waited, oh! so very long,

And still he doesn't come.

I wonder if I'm dreaming?

I'm sure this is my home.

Next I'll go to grandma's room,

And in her old arm chair

Beside the window, in the sun,

I know I'll find her there.

And grandpa too, and I will list

To hear them join in song,

As they used to do in other days,

Then time will not seem so long.

All quiet is. No childish shout,

No song, no noise of wheel,

No merry laugh, no romping;

How lonely, strange I feel.

I've traveled long, looked far and wide,

And as I homeward come

I find such changes, can it be

This is my dear old home?

I'll rouse myself and in the glass

Will look at my own face,

And if no changes there I note,

Of age and care, no trace,

I'll own a great mistake I've made,

As to this place I come,

And search again in other lands

To find my childhood home.

Where once were dark and tangled locks,

Reflected back to me,

The self-same mirror too has changed,

For silvered locks I see.

And rosy cheeks have vanished;

While with a woman's grace

I view the change and quickly see

Time speeding on space.

An intervention of the years

'Twixt childhood days and now,

Has only marked the foot prints

Of time on cheek and brow.

And as in life I note a change,

So years will go and come,

And while they rob or youthful charms

They also change my home.