Mrs. S. A. Collins



Christmas Bells

by Mrs. S. A. Collins



Christmas bells tonight are chiming

O'er this land from sea to sea.

Christmas bells! they too are sailing

Many things to you and me.


Yes! to me those bells saying,

In the time so long ago,

Christ was in a manger lying,

Just a baby then you know.

And again those bells are telling

How the shepherds from afar,

In the east in early morning

Saw that bright, peculiar star.


And to me those bells are telling,

How the wise men quickly came

To worship and admire that baby.

How they gave to him a name.

And that name had a vast meaning,

Which they gave him there and then.

The promise had before been given

Of this child, their Savior then.


They tell me of his childhood and manhood,

Of his deeds of mercy and love,

In healing the sick, and restoring the dead.

Always pointing toward heaven above

Of Mary his mother, and Joseph,

How proud they both must have been

As they gazed on his features so lightened

With glory again and again.


They tell me how kind was our Savior

How lowly and simple and mild,

How he loved to linger and listen

To the prattle of each little child.

How he took little children upon his knee,

And looking down in their tender eyes

Told them the story so beautiful,

Of his kingdom beyond the skies.


Christmas bells to me are telling

Of those harsh and cruel men,

Who so willingly did torture Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.

Tell me o'er and o'er the story,

How he died onCalvary,

After suffering pain and anguish,

Died for you as well as me.


Christmas bells to me are telling

How his friends who lingered near,

Placed his body in the grave,

Shedding there so many tears.

And how carefully they guarded,

Fearing some might steal away

The body of their blessed Savior,

As in the sepulcher he lay.


And to me those bells are telling

How the watchmen fell asleep,

And the angel came and woke our Savior,

From that slumber, long and deep.

How he talked to his disciples,

Told them of mansions yet on high,

And then ascended up to heaven,

Where he reigns beyond the sky.


And in time we all may see him,

As he sits upon the throne,

If we always strive to serve him;

Make this Savior all our own.

Oh! what a blessed Savior was it,

Who was born on Christmas day?

Let us praise him for his goodness,

Praise him now with Christmas lay.


Christmas bells ring out the story,

All the day from early morn;

Tell the nations of his glory

Tell them all our Christ is born.